Fagforeninger forlanger handling på Rio+20

Repræsentanter fra over 100 fagforeninger udsendte torsdag en fælles hensigtserklæring til de deltagende regeringer på Rio+20.

Fagforeningerne, der var samlet til Fagforeningernes anden forsamling om arbejde og miljø i Rio de Janeiro, opfordrer regeringsoverhovederne til at gennemføre dybdegående forandringer på det sociale område.

RIO DE JANEIRO, 14 June 2012: The final statement drawn up by the Assembly calls on governments to acknowledge that "social protection is a human right, in line with ILO Convention 102 on Social Security (Minimum Standards) and ILO Recommendation 202 on national social protection floors, and to provide, facilitate and extend social protection coverage".

The Assembly’s final document also advocates the introduction of a Tax on Financial Transactions at global level. The trade unionists argue that the revenues from such an initiative could contribute to the fight against climate change, to development and the re-regulation of the financial sector.

"Enough talk! Governments must make real commitments towards change. Humanity needs a radical change of direction in favour of sustainable development. The trade union movement will be present at Rio+20, along with other social movements, to make this change possible," said Sharan Burrow, general secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC).

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