UNDP udfordrer pessimisterne: Vi er sundere, rigere og bedre uddannede

12:48 | 05.11.10 |

UNDP report: "People are healthier, wealthier and better educated"

NEW YORK, 4th November 2010: People in most of the world have experienced major advances in the past decades, according to the 2010 Human Development Report launched Thursday at the United Nations.

Looking back at 40 years of human progress in 135 countries, covering 92 per cent of the world’s population, the report shows that average life expectancy rose from 59 to 70 years, primary school enrolment grew from 55 to 70 percent, and per capita income doubled to more than 10.000 US dollar (godt 50.000 DKR).

The report, now in its 20th year, introduces the new Human Development Index (HDI), a composite measure of progress in education, health and income, complemented by three innovative indices for gender, inequality and multidimensional poverty.

These new indicators confirm that progress is possible even without massive resources. Among the “top movers” –countries among the 135 that improved most over the past 40 years – are Ethiopia, Cambodia and Benin, all of which made big gains in education and public health rather than income.

UNDP Administrator Helen Clark said:

- The Report shows that people today are healthier, wealthier and better educated than before. While not all trends are positive, there is much that countries can do to improve people’s lives, even in adverse conditions. This requires courageous local leadership as well as the continuing commitment of the international community.

For more information, please visit the Human Development Report website: http://hdr.undp.org/en

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